2nd Grade Wind & Water Project
2nd Grade Wind & Water Project Celebration at Kohl Children Museum
Posted on 05/12/2017
Celebration at Kohl Children's MuseumMrs. Pauschert's class visited Kohl Children's Musueum in the November. The students were drawn to the water room and the exhibits that focused upon energy. Upon their return to their classroom to review their learning and brainstorm additional questions. The class determined what they wanted to investigate and were broken into groups based upon interests.

Students chose to make an Archimedean screw, windmills, a wind-powered water lift, a wind car, and an anemometer. The students researched, made plans and drawings, decided what materials they would need, and problem-solved until they were able to successfully complete their projects. Two experts were consulted during our project. One of the experts was a retired engineer for the DuPont Company who was able to help the students with design plans for the Archimedean screw. The other expert was the founder of Bernie's Book Bank, who visited the class and answered their questions about pursuing ideas and being a change maker.

The students learned to work cooperatively with each other and problem solve on their own. When the students completed their projects, they wrote their own project summaries. They presented their projects to other classes in the building. 

The students participated in a project celebration at the Kohl Museum on a Saturday evening in May. Many students and their families attended. Pauschert's class received a gift from the President of the Museum. All families that attended were given a free family membership to the museum for one year!